Saturday, March 04, 2006

You ever just slap them, yeah Peter that's you

Hey everybody. Today I got annoyed. You ever talked with someone to sure that they're doing the right thing that they ignore everyone around them and what they say. The worst part is that the incident today came to me as a "God told me and what he told you doesn't matter." That's right God is a squizo now. Well first off this is crap. What he tells you, if it's God, is the same and he doesn't change his mind. Ok, if you ever get so close to something that you can't see any part of it, and friends are telling you this and you ignore them, may God have mercy on you. You'll never hear another YP say this but if you're gonna go do something after asking advice, ignoring it, and then ending up doing something stupid; you deserve the consequences that come along with it. I just wanna slap people like this sometimes. When Jesus was here I'm sure he thought the same way. You know the disciples messed up. When ever I read of Peter I just feel better about myself b/c he was so dumb at times. He's a lot like me. He trust God so much that he jumps into things without thinking, and doesn't think to ask God if he's supposed to do it, just trust God to use it. Trust me it'll get you into major trouble. So did Jesus ever say he wanted to slap but doesn't mean he didn't think it. Jesus loved everybody. My professor says I have to love everyone, but I don't have to like them. Ain't that the truth. Remember that when you get around those people who you just wanna slap...God knows I did today!!

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