Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rethink: Leadership

Leadership today is very important. Leadership in our churches is even more important but for some reason is very much overlooked. So we need to rethink why we do Leadership, how we do leadership, and then is there a better way. Let's take a look at how we do leadership in our churches today. In most traditional churches we have the Senior Pastor in charge. He makes the choices and for the most part remains unchecked. Sure if he has some other pastors on staff they should be able to to call him on any issues, but often they feel like that's not an option. The question is, why do we do leadership in our churches this way? When I read through the Bible, I see places where people in religious leadership are often those that are caught in sin. In the NT, those are the people that Jesus calls out on a regular basis. So we find our leadership model from the people that Jesus called "snakes?" Seems to me that the theory that the man who preaches about God should lead us doesn't always work out in practice. So if absolute power corrupts absolutely, then why do we do this? If the gift of being pastor is meant to be used to be a pastor and shepherd and the gift of preaching was meant to preach, then shouldn't he be doing those things. Instead we've made his our leader who has to do everything. This isn't what God intended and it's time someone said it. We've given to much power for one person that no one has accountability over. So what is the answer, how do we rethink Leadership? Well if one person, even a great man of God, shouldn't have the power; then who should? Well the NT church often had elders that ran the church. We for some reason have abandoned this idea. Why not get a group of people that the church has faith in and that know God intimately. These people who made decisions as a group for the church. This way the pastor can be free to just live for Christ and lead others to Him. Someone with to much power would have the power to chose whom comes to God, whom goes to "his" church, and whom gets to worship Our God in that place. This isn't right and it happens way to often. Relationships aren't so easy to let go of, and making those choices should not fall on just one man's shoulder. I pray this helps someone. I pray that churches think before putting all the power in one man's hand. It's to much and hesitant choices could lead to destroyed leadership, split churches, and ruined faiths. Our relationship to God is the most important thing there is. We forget that when we put someone between God and us. Let's rethink how we do church; especially leadership! God Rocks, JTW

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Lets set the Record Straight

Ok let's set the record straight! I'm tired of hearing the word Bigot used to describe Christians on a regular basis. A Bigot is a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. This is according to Dictionary.com. So the question I ask people when I hear them use this word is; How are Christians bigots? Often I hear that they won't accept my way of life, or they hate me because I'm gay. Ok so if the definition of a bigot is someone who is utterly intolerant then this means they act with hatred toward the person because of their beliefs. So again, how does that apply to Christians? I'm sure some people who follow Christ are stupid enough to run their mouths and not show love to someone because they believe differently. So let me set the record straight. Just because we don't believe like you do does not mean we hate you or want bad things to happen to you. Just because we won't vote the same as you doesn't mean we hate you because you did vote that way. The sooner this idea can get through to some people, the better! If you're going around with your ant-christian shirts, making videos where you verbally attack people, or having protest where you're yelling at people for what they believe...then guess what; you fit the definition of bigot. If your a christian and you've chosen to run your mouth and speak for all those Christ followers and verbally attack people for what they believe; then you're the bigot. You don't speak for all Christians, so if you're not going to show the love of Christ while disagreeing with others beliefs; then shut your mouth! Our media is very good at dividing us and making us feel very passionate about what we believe. That would be good if it didn't cause us to put love on the back burner to make sure we get our way. Lastly, Jesus hung out with those that did not believe what He did. He did it often and showed them love. Did he change his beliefs to appease them, of course not! We don't have to either. We can choose to love on people who want gay marriage, vote for abortion, and even hate us. Luke 6:27 says "But to you who are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies! Do good to those who hate you." We forget that verse sometimes. I hope this has helped and stay strong. God Rocks, JW