Monday, March 20, 2006

The wierdest dream ever

I only tell this dream because as only a few people know around 75% of my dreams, that aren't just demons trying to scare me come true. Well I was in this house and the walls were blue. There were a couple of young guys sitting at the table eating some cereal while this guy in a long coat is talking to them. I can't remember what they're talking about, but at the end he gives them some forms and says ok here join the world citizenship. Then Shannon (my wife) hands me some hamburgers and tells me to go out side and make some more on the grill. I go out on the long porch around the house and when I get to the grill I look up and the sun turns red. There is almost a loud band, and the ground shakes. Then I look up and the whole sky starts to turn red. Then everyone that was inside is now outside with me. Then as I wake up all I hear is someone beside me yell Jesus is finally back. Well there's my extra wierd dream. Take it as you will, but don't let it go by without changing you. Bye God Rocks, Jw

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Ginny said...

okay, yeah, that is a weird dream. I was almost afraid the hamburgers were going to turn out like the apple in adam and eve's was so creepy!