Friday, July 25, 2008

Lessons from Joan of Arcadia

Tonight I was watching Joan of Arcadia. I know it's an old show but it's still pretty good. I watch T.V. and I see lessons all the time and I wish more people did.

Ok here's what I heard. Joan's mom was talking to a priest...yeah I know...and she was explaining the miracle she wants. She desperately wanted her son to walk again. She was asking if miracles are real and if it's ok for her to pray to ask God if her son can walk again. As a catholic she doesn't believe that prayer should be spent on such small things. That's another topic for another time.

She said "it's like you see something in a store window you really want. It becomes all you think about. Then it's like you start imagining that maybe it's yours and you've just misplaced it." So you're asking yourself where is Josh going with this. Well like most my lessons it applies to God.

I think it's like that before we know God. Think about it...we're looking for significance, hope, purpose, and love before we find God. It's not that God's ever moved and he's there in crystal clear sight. Just like inside that department store window. All these things start to become exactly what you want. It become all you're striving for and trying to figure out.

So at this point it's an obsession really. At this point then there's 2 options. Either you find the God that's been standing there in front of you, just on the other side of the glass or you make something up. Unfortunately for many these days they choose to make something up. This is why we get so many cults, alternative lifestyles, and people that hate the God of the universe. Think about it all that purpose, love, hope, and significance that can be found in God they now find only in themselves. I don't know about you, but I'd make a pretty horrible God. They look inside for all these things and all they find is darkness, hate, and shame. Therefore that's their God.

So now you are your own God and it's you've misplaced. So now you hate everything and when you hear of this wonderful, powerful God that only wants to love you; you take it and hate that God because you've never met him and turn all this hate to that God.

Wow, I know! So now you can appreciate the God on the other side of the glass. I you haven't found that obsession on the other side of that window, I pray daily for you to look for that God and find Him. He's not moving and has always been right there for you.

Just a lesson from T.V. I hope this helps!

God Rocks,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My first Sermon at Northstar

Well I'm not sure some people would consider it my first sermon, but as far as on Sunday morning I would. So this past Sunday I spoke because the pastor was gone on vacation.

To be honest I was scared to death all week. I shared my passion for youth and what we needed to do to save this generation. People who preach will often tell you that when they preach the hardest it's often because they are speaking to themselves. Well I know this is the case and hopefully I'll be rectifying the situation soon. I told the people some thing's gotta change and I know that starts with me.

At youth a youth called me on it and I realized I've gotta change. It's funny when you realize that what you believe in and know that people must change are the exact same things that you must change yourself. It's even worse when someone who heard you talk about it calls you on it. It's a great lesson and I'm gonna learn from it.

As for was wicked awesome. I had a blast talking to the adults and youth of Northstar. It's gonna be fun next time when I have to also.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What would happen?

I heard a unique question today. I saw it on the video for the "One Prayer" series. This is the Question...

What would happen if WE the church across the world UNITED and took all the resources that God has given us?

Wow it's a question that should make you go...huh! I hear questions like this a lot. I hear and often ask question that are meant to inspire and make you wonder why you're not doing something.

Craig Groeschel suggest in this video that All those that are hungry could have food, all those without medical care could get some, everyone on earth could hear about God, and by Sunday Worship would be extraordinary.

If this is the case let's do it. If this is the only thing lacking right now from everyone on earth at this moment to hear about Christ, then let's do it. Why haven't we thought of this before? It's to simple not to work. How in thousands of years since Jesus' death did someone, somewhere not think that maybe we should all get together and change this world?

I know the answer to this question. We're to busy bickering and being mad at each other over denominations and MY beliefs that the world all around us is going to hell. I love They definitely have some creative people there. Their last video about an interview with the devil is great. It shows what the devil thinks of the's right on. Go see it and be amazed.

What's my favorite sort of Questions because they are the answers. So what if we put aside what we believe that divides us and just decide that it's about God and people knowing about God, and just decide as a world wide church to go tell help the world and tell the world? I know exactly what would happen. World Changed!

God Rocks, Josh