Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I learn, I stupid, Why can't God just tell us these things

Today I learned something. For those of you that know me it might sound remarkable. If you know how I am when it comes to school work then you know I'm a perfectionist. Today i learned I'm an idiot...no amen's please. I've prior to this point at LU been working hard, but only by God's grace. Last semester I got all A's. This was awesome and I told everyone b/c I'd never done it before. Well this semester is different. God is trying to teach me not to be a perfectionist. Well he's doing a great job of it. I've been constantly hit with sickness and more work than humanly possible. I know this is an attempt to teach me that only God is perfect and I should lay off. I got it now God. Why can't God just tell us these things. Well I know why! how many times growing up did our parents tell us not to stuff and we just didn't learn until we tried it ourselves or at least talked our brother into it first....that's right a lot of times. This is why God teaches us through problems and crap in our lives. Remember that next time you're going through something really hard, that it's b/c we couldn't learn any other way and God really does have our best at heart. So back to this semester. I'm doing ok this semester but won't do as well as I want, but that's ok b/c I'll still finish up and graduate on time. Sometimes when God explains these things I feel stupid. Why do I need to be so stupid to learn?

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Dave said...

His strength is made perfect in our weakness, and He wants to be strong in our lives.