Sunday, May 27, 2007

Big God....forgot that!

Do you ever forget how big God really is? I know I do! Here's the issue I have and have others recently talk to me about for themselves. We ask God for something, then we don't get what seems to be an answer. Wierd huh, it seems like if we don't get the answer we want then God's not answering us. The real problem is that no matter what the answer or when the answer comes, that doesn't change who God is. We forget that and we forget exactly how big our God really is. How is it that a God big enough to create the universe, love us enough to send His Son to die for us, and wants to personally know each and every person isn't big enough to care about our problems. Crazy huh? We forget that no matter the size of our problems, God is always bigger. Why then do we worry about things? We especially worry about things that we have no control over and that we can't hope to change. Seems to me that if we truly believed that God is so powerful that we'd just trust Him and not worry. It's much easier said than done. How do we trust God without fear? I guess it comes down to our willingness to grow close to Jesus. It's hard not to trust in God when you're so close to Him that He's all you see. How do we do this then? Well all the spiritual disciplines are a good place to start, but it comes down to our faith and willingness to be a Christ follower. That's the greatest of journeys and worth the most reward. Thank you God for being so Big and Lord give us the chance to be your servant today. Thank you God. AMEN---Jtw

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Well I'm officially a College Graduate from a University. I'm a alumni of largest distinctly Christian University in the world. It's more than awesome. Graduation was definitely about Jerry Falwell, but also about the future. The message given to us today is about finishing well and never ever quitting. For a short time now my motto has been "whatever it takes." I truly want to finish well, and that's gonna take everything I have. I will never ever quit doing whatever it takes to fulfill the purpose that God has put me here to do. Jerry finished his race very well, he did was God told him. I pray that when the time comes for me to step out begin really running the race that I can do as well as Jerry. Well I've graduated to a new place in my life and a new race to run. I'm ready to run, I always need more training, but I'll do "whatever it takes" to finish the race well. May God bless my work, give me wisdom and grace, and more importantly give me a chance to run a race worthy of Him. Thank you Lord for everything that You've given me, thank You for a chance to be taught by the best, and thank You for again showing that there's hope for me. God Rocks! Jtw

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell

Today I got a call and heard the news of the death of Jerry Falwell. My first reaction was...What the crap!! How can a great man such as this, a man who'd been instrumental to the progression of Christ in the world. It's true, Jerry said some stupid things in his time, but no more myself. He just said it on TV and I didn't. I'm definitely surprised at this, but remembering that I'll see him again in Heaven is awesome. I can remember him talking to people at school and him almost running over people in his SUV on a regular basis. His influence over Christians and his contribution will never be forgotten.

I think an expression that I heard when at Liberty is fitting for this great man.

"Today the devil is cheering for this man is no longer in the fight"
This is how I choose to remember Jerry Falwell and I hope everyone else does as well. God bless the ministry of Jerry Falwell, God bless the family of Jerry Falwell, and God bless everyone that has been touched by God's chosen Vessel of the servant of Jerry Falwell.
God Rocks, Jtw

Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Job and the Move

Alright well it's been a week now since we've moved. It's weird, but God likes to freak me out. As some of you know, the place we were moving to fell through at the last moment. The very awesome pastor at the church that I'm now working at found us this cool house. It of course needs a lot of work, but it was at the last moment. God likes to wait until the last moment. For a long time I've prayed for the job i have now. Now we've moved, we have low rent until we get our house, we have family near by to help us out with lots of stuff, and a more importantly a church that loves us to death. I do have to ask, what did I do to be blessed this much. I'm nothing special or anything worth giving all this great blessings to. So, why did God choose to bless me with so much. Don't get me wrong, I praise Him everyday and Thank Him everyday for this. I'm nothing but a poor, horrible sinner. This is where I'm at now. I have the greatest Job ever and really understand grace for the first time. I've always knew in my mind what grace is, but now I know what grace is in my heart. Grace is getting what I deserve, regardless of what I've done. God has showed me Grace! He's given me what I've prayed for and waited for, but I know for no reason do I deserve it. For now I will Thank God and pray now for what He wants me to do with this great present He's given me. I do ask for those that read this to also pray that I get the guidance for what He wants me to do and the wisdom to know it when I see it. Thank you GOD for everything. God Rocks, Jtw