Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Christian's Job Description

Before you read this, you just agree with me that you won't get mad but instead read it in hopes that we can all change to be more like Christ.

A Christian's Job Description

After looking around at people I know and those I respect, I saw something that truly scared the crap out of me; they're Christians. That didn't scare me because I think that's wrong, but because they claimed to be Christians in light of how they were living. So I decided that I would write a Job description for Christians. I don't write this because I'm doing it all or because I'm hyper-spiritual. I do it because, like I hope it will convict you, because it convicts me to do better. So here it goes...…

1) Be saved!
Well that seems very easy, but how many of us think we're saved due to a huge emotional experience? I would say that a lot of us are in this boat. I believe that being saved requires a change. I'm not saying an immediate change, but over a period of time you become a whole different person than you were before you were saved.

2) Pray
What the junk is up with people not knowing how to pray and still claiming to be a Christian? How did they get saved in the first place? You need to pray. I'm not saying you should pray so much that you don't get anything done. You should pray and not as an excuse so you don't have to make a decision right now. Telling people I'll pray about is not a valid reason. I've got an idea, pray right now and if you don't get an answer then make a decision and if it's wrong, God will let you know.

3) Don't Judge
Christians today get a very bad rap because some of them judge others and treat them like crap because they sin. Guess what, you sin too! God's the only one that should be judging so you should shut up and keep it to yourself. God treated people with Love, even when he was talking to them about sin in their life. Try being like Jesus and if you can't don't claim to be a Christian. Does this mean that you shouldn't want to help people who are in sin and let them know they are? NO. You should definately let them know they're sinning, but to treat them like crap for it is so overly stupid that some people need to be slapped. Tell them in love, then help them to overcome it IF they want help.

4) Read God's Word
I'm as guilty as anyone in saying that I don't know enough scripture. God's word is essential to your walk with Christ. How can you claim to know Christ if you know nothing about Him? Jesus also used scripture to defeat Satan, maybe that's a good place to start when you want to defeat your sins? People ask what would Jesus do, but I say what DID Jesus do? Let's read God's word before everyone is so scripturally illiterate that Christians start being seen as spiritually retarded.

5) Walk the Walk
If you're going to be a Christian and call yourself a Christian, then freakin start acting like one. Some people are trying their best to be a follower of God and they get all the stupid stereotypes because someone along the way was a major hypocrite. So any time you screw up or just aren't living the life God's called you to live, and someone ask if you're a Christian, then don't tell them about Jesus and bring Shame to God and His people.

6) Stand up
I don't believe that we should be the Christian Taliban, but we should not sit there while people MOCK AND CURSE our GOD. Why do people just sit there and be quiet when people do all they can to make Christianity a stupid game. We aren't that at all. We know that Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven and everyone else is going to hell, so how can we just sit there and not tell those we love about Jesus? If you can't stand up for what you believe and change the world, then please don't be a Christian.

In saying all this...…
It's not an inclusive list, but instead a list to inspire thinking. I'm not doing this to be a prideful person, but instead to challenge all of us to live up to what I've written here. If this is a problem and you find this list, though not finished, an outrage, I ask you please for the sake of your soul seek after God and think about this list. I'll pray for you and you should respond to this for me. Thank you for reading this and I'll try to update it as I come across things in myself and others that claim to be Christians, that should change.

Remember this verse: Titus 1:16
"They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable disobedient and unfit for doing anything good."
Here's a quote from a DC TALK song that you should remember
"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians; who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable."

God's pushing

Do you ever get the idea that God's pushing and you're not listening? I get that impression in my life right now. I'm finishing up school in 7 weeks and I have no idea where I'm going after that. I don't know if God wants me to stay here, go way far away, or even in this country. I wish I truly knew. All I know is that God's put a passion for students in me that won't be satisfied until I can help students by showing them the love of Jesus Christ. God pushes, but I'm not sure why or how. I'm listening, but not hearing. A lot of people say that God whispers, but I don't believe that. I believe that God screams at us most of the time, and we as people are so deaf because we don't want to hear God that when we want to hear we've become so accustom to not hearing that we don't. I was asked the other day why don't we hear from God like they did during biblical times. My answer is that we don't want to. People say they want to hear from God and want to do His will, but what if he told you to go do something you didn't want to do? Would you do it? What if I actually heard from God and he said go to Iraq right now, find this specific person and when you told them of Me they would kill you. What would I do then? Honestly I'm not sure what I would do. I'd like to think I'd die for my Lord because He died for me, but I can't honestly say I would until I'm put in that situation. God's pushing. Do you ever want to scream to God for an answer or maybe you actually do it? I know I do. To truly be transparent I must admit that I've never doubted God's existence, but at times I do doubt God's listening to me. I know I work on His time and not not the other way around. Recently lots of bad things have happened and it's like I feel God pushing to test our stamina in our faith. So does God's pushing help me? Right now I feel like it could, but doesn't feel like it right now. As I tirelessly pray everyday and I hope others do, that God will soon give me a glimpse of what He has for me, in a way I hope it's soon. Normally I'm a very patient person. I don't usually let things get to me hardly ever, and I work well under large amounts of pressure. This made me a good medic and a good youth pastor. Lately, the pressure has been very high which is fine, but with all these bad things and God's test it's becoming harder to keep up. I end with this prayer: God please help me. I need your wisdom, your patience, and your overwhelming love. God speak to me soon to give me a glimpse of your plan and the path you want for me. Lord I want to be like Isaiah and say "Here am I Lord, send me." Thank you for your protection and salvation. Thank you. Amen. God Rocks, Jtw