Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Anything But Silent

Today I came upon this video. The video recounts the life of a normal person and their prayer life with God. He tries to use intellect to figure out why he doesn't hear from God but others around him seem to. He ask questions like...What do we do when God seems distant? How do we have faith when we can't prove our beliefs with reason? How do we trust God when we can't see him?

He makes a good point and I'm sure it's something we've all wrestled with as Christians. We've all wrestled with things like if we can't hear God, see God, or touch God, then how do we still have faith? So, what do we do?

This is a question we must individually deal with. For some it means we can look around and realize that all this can't be an accident. For others it takes hitting the bottom of life and when we look up God is the only thing we have left. Yet others find God by experiencing Him physically. Of course the last one was much more prevalent in Bible times.

Just gives us a lot to think about, and more importantly an insight into most student's lives and the lives of our generation of people.
God Rocks, Jtw

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Everything Skit

I've seen lots of skits and dramas in my time. On top of that, I've been in many more. Here I've added a video from youtube that hits me everytime I've seen it. It's an awesome skit that I totally want to do one day. Tell me whatcha think.

Here's the Video Link on youtube... Everything Skit