Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A post from Ben Kasica

Ben Kasica is in a band named Skillet. He wrote something on his myspace that was just awesome and I think everyone should read it. So here it is...

They say that the way to unhappiness is to try to make yourself happy but to truly make yourself happy, you must give your life away in self forgetful love. Its so easy nowadays to always be thinking about youself, How can I make myself happy? What can I buy for me? How many friends do I have on my mspace? What do I get from it? etc etc...Our culture is so self centered. And because of it, we are a discontent people. Always wanting more because that little bit that we did happen to scrounge to devour for ourselves didn't fulfill us in the way that we thought it would. So we search for more. Constantly thinking that the new gadget or the better paying job or winning the lottery or a new girlfriend is going to make us happy. I can save you a lot of time and heartache and tell you now that no thing that you find in this world is going to satisfy you. It was never meant to. However, there is something... someone who can meet that desire inside you. A Love that will fulfill never fail you and it always there to meet your heart's deepest desires. And once you have that divine discontent met, it provides you the opportunity to give of yourself more completely in loving others. Living your life for other people. But to try to love other people in and of yourself can seem impossible at times. Especially if you're trying to love the unloveable. It's like trying to get that very last bit of toothpaste out when you know that there's not really any left... you still try...You try so hard to love people but really you're just dont have the ability to do it. You're empty. But when you love others out of that deeper Love that you have, it makes it easy. Because you're loving not out of a desperation and will to love but out of an abundance of love.And when we are able to love in that way, we can truly find happiness.Go love others. Do something selfless. Go help an old lady cross the street. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Pay for a stranger's groceries. Visit an retirement community just to talk with people. You will find that the joy that you get out of it is worth far more than what it cost you.