Friday, March 24, 2006


I've been thinking about worship lately. I just did a paper on it and I'm inclined to believe that most people don't understand it. I'm not saying I fully understand it. I've been doing some research into what worship has been and especially what it was to the early church. I think what we have today and what people think is worship is really just a service of praise. It may be a form of worship, but the only form. For the next 30 days I'm practicing worship, and I do believe that I'll try some of the old sort and some of what we do today. If I can I'm going to try to mix the two. A lifestyle of worship is going to be quite hard so pray for me. I get bored way to easily, so the old style of worship from the bible will probably bore me to death, but some of the new kinds seem so fake. If you haven't seen some of the new worship styles, then do a search for alternative worship and see. Seem a little to focused on the person's comfortability in order to worship God, and less on God' worship. Well we'll see and I'll keep ya updated. Look for a new blog soon and what has recently annoyed the crap out me...that's coming very soon. So God Rocks....Jw

Monday, March 20, 2006

The wierdest dream ever

I only tell this dream because as only a few people know around 75% of my dreams, that aren't just demons trying to scare me come true. Well I was in this house and the walls were blue. There were a couple of young guys sitting at the table eating some cereal while this guy in a long coat is talking to them. I can't remember what they're talking about, but at the end he gives them some forms and says ok here join the world citizenship. Then Shannon (my wife) hands me some hamburgers and tells me to go out side and make some more on the grill. I go out on the long porch around the house and when I get to the grill I look up and the sun turns red. There is almost a loud band, and the ground shakes. Then I look up and the whole sky starts to turn red. Then everyone that was inside is now outside with me. Then as I wake up all I hear is someone beside me yell Jesus is finally back. Well there's my extra wierd dream. Take it as you will, but don't let it go by without changing you. Bye God Rocks, Jw

Friday, March 10, 2006

Worthiness...who said we get to decide

This week I've had to really think about worthiness. I've been taking a long look at the people that I'm around each day that are called by God to do certain things. I started thinking, why should God chose me, and what was he thinking? When I look back at the disciples I sure wouldn't pick these guys to become the leaders of God's people. I've noticed that just like myself, God chooses the foolish to confound the wise. Am I the foolish? Yup I'm an idiot! So now that i'm called, now what? For me it was coming to college to learn and perhaps become a little less ignorant. This week of classes was especially hard and at times I really wondered if I can do what God has called me to do. Can I do it? I'm never sure I can, but then I remember I'm not the one that's speaking, just the body being used at the time. This makes me feel better b/c I know I can do it. This doesn't really make it any easier. This is still an impossible task that I'm called to, so don't forget that. Now the question is will I? I must press ahead and do what is asked of me. Now I must listen and wait. God Rocks

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I learn, I stupid, Why can't God just tell us these things

Today I learned something. For those of you that know me it might sound remarkable. If you know how I am when it comes to school work then you know I'm a perfectionist. Today i learned I'm an amen's please. I've prior to this point at LU been working hard, but only by God's grace. Last semester I got all A's. This was awesome and I told everyone b/c I'd never done it before. Well this semester is different. God is trying to teach me not to be a perfectionist. Well he's doing a great job of it. I've been constantly hit with sickness and more work than humanly possible. I know this is an attempt to teach me that only God is perfect and I should lay off. I got it now God. Why can't God just tell us these things. Well I know why! how many times growing up did our parents tell us not to stuff and we just didn't learn until we tried it ourselves or at least talked our brother into it first....that's right a lot of times. This is why God teaches us through problems and crap in our lives. Remember that next time you're going through something really hard, that it's b/c we couldn't learn any other way and God really does have our best at heart. So back to this semester. I'm doing ok this semester but won't do as well as I want, but that's ok b/c I'll still finish up and graduate on time. Sometimes when God explains these things I feel stupid. Why do I need to be so stupid to learn?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

You ever just slap them, yeah Peter that's you

Hey everybody. Today I got annoyed. You ever talked with someone to sure that they're doing the right thing that they ignore everyone around them and what they say. The worst part is that the incident today came to me as a "God told me and what he told you doesn't matter." That's right God is a squizo now. Well first off this is crap. What he tells you, if it's God, is the same and he doesn't change his mind. Ok, if you ever get so close to something that you can't see any part of it, and friends are telling you this and you ignore them, may God have mercy on you. You'll never hear another YP say this but if you're gonna go do something after asking advice, ignoring it, and then ending up doing something stupid; you deserve the consequences that come along with it. I just wanna slap people like this sometimes. When Jesus was here I'm sure he thought the same way. You know the disciples messed up. When ever I read of Peter I just feel better about myself b/c he was so dumb at times. He's a lot like me. He trust God so much that he jumps into things without thinking, and doesn't think to ask God if he's supposed to do it, just trust God to use it. Trust me it'll get you into major trouble. So did Jesus ever say he wanted to slap but doesn't mean he didn't think it. Jesus loved everybody. My professor says I have to love everyone, but I don't have to like them. Ain't that the truth. Remember that when you get around those people who you just wanna slap...God knows I did today!!

Yo my first one

Hey everybody. This is my first attempt at letting people see the insaneness that is my life. I would say that there are very few people who know my life and what i'm actually thinking. Here's an example, if you know i like fire you're in the 80%, If you know Brad caught my head on fire once you're in the 40%, and if you know that I once got in a fight some boy scouts over an ax I'd say you're in the top 5%.
Ok now that that's clear, let's give you a clear indication of what's gonna be on here. I'll just randomly post things that irritate me, make me happy, and things I just don't get. If you think that Christians don't feel the same way about stuff you do, then you might wanna start reading b/c you're smoking crack.
So enjoy the crazy messed up things that are my life, leave a message from time to time to tell me if you feel this way or just wanna tell me I'm Insane and need help.
Thanks, Jw