Thursday, April 13, 2006

In the Quest for Worship

Over the weekend (Apr7-9) I went to a thing called Spring leadership for our business. On Sunday we had a church service. Prior to going God had a big emphesis with our businesses and this just showed more of that. I heard people that had been talking about the business and the awesome thing it is; At church we find out why. They all gave glory to God for the businesseIs. This wasn't the part that really impressed me, I had heard this before. The main guy did the preaching that morning and we sang songs. The worship was definately not what I was used to. It was all vineyard stuff and slow. Normally this kind of stuff is ok, but not really for me. Instead of being bored it was great. The atmosphere made you feel that we were all worshipping God and he was there. After the preaching an invitation was given. Like 1000 people came forward. There were so many people down at the alter that there wasn't enough bibles for the ones who were saved. It was freaking awesome. The music was different, and the preaching different, but the worship was great. Makes me wonder, what is worship. I've spent the last few weeks trying to experience different kinds of worship, and each time I've found stuff that's good and bad. I hope that one day I find a church that will incorporate all the good from all of these different styles. I've noticed that if the worship is awesome then no matter how the preaching is, people will still come back. I wonder why this is? Is it because through worship we somehow get closer to God? We pray and have quiet times, then why is worship the key to closeness? When you add music and singing it even becomes stronger. Could it be that God has developed a way that no matter the culture or location that people can find a closeness in God. I think this is the answer. We'll see more later...I'll let ya know....God Rocks, Jtw

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ever hear God say "See....I told ya so"

This semester has been unbelievably hard. It's been rougher than any semester I've ever had and I went to nursing and paramedic schools. On top of this we've worked a lot, but for one reason or another we haven't had the chance to save any money up. This sucks because for some reason we have to pay $750 a piece for my wife and I to go take an internship this summer so we can graduate in december. We've prayed for the money and for some reason no matter what we tried, it just never happened. For the past few years we've gone out of our way to help people. When we were in NC we did a lot for people, even if we had to sacrifice some. This isn't to brag, just giving some background. This I know will sound bad but in honesty, we wondered if anyone would help us or if we'd just be taken advantage of our whole life. Is that transparent enough for ya? We'll since getting married we'd had trouble with money much like most newlyweds. Thank God for my parents who has helped us out so much. But as for the internship that we need no one could help. We even went to the church that we were at in NC and I think they'll help out when they can. Then Tonight God gave me one of those "See...I told ya so." I got a call from someone that heard how good we'd been doing in school and wanted to help out with our internship for this summer. I told them how much it was just hopeing they'd give a little, but they're gonna give it all to us. WOW...what the crap! I nearly peed myself. So next time you aren't patient on God, just remember me and how stupid I am often. Just trust it's so much easier. God Rocks, Jtw