Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What would happen?

I heard a unique question today. I saw it on the video for the "One Prayer" series. This is the Question...

What would happen if WE the church across the world UNITED and took all the resources that God has given us?

Wow it's a question that should make you go...huh! I hear questions like this a lot. I hear and often ask question that are meant to inspire and make you wonder why you're not doing something.

Craig Groeschel suggest in this video that All those that are hungry could have food, all those without medical care could get some, everyone on earth could hear about God, and by Sunday Worship would be extraordinary.

If this is the case let's do it. If this is the only thing lacking right now from everyone on earth at this moment to hear about Christ, then let's do it. Why haven't we thought of this before? It's to simple not to work. How in thousands of years since Jesus' death did someone, somewhere not think that maybe we should all get together and change this world?

I know the answer to this question. We're to busy bickering and being mad at each other over denominations and MY beliefs that the world all around us is going to hell. I love They definitely have some creative people there. Their last video about an interview with the devil is great. It shows what the devil thinks of the's right on. Go see it and be amazed.

What's my favorite sort of Questions because they are the answers. So what if we put aside what we believe that divides us and just decide that it's about God and people knowing about God, and just decide as a world wide church to go tell help the world and tell the world? I know exactly what would happen. World Changed!

God Rocks, Josh

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