Monday, June 23, 2008

Something's Coming

Anyone else feel it... There's something coming. It's weird it's in the air like right before a huge summer storm. That feeling of overwhelming pressure as you see the explosive action on the horizon. I don't know what it is...but it's coming. Have you ever been so excited you couldn't sleep? Ever been so excited about something you really couldn't function well? Well it's sort of like that. I feel this feeling inside building. It gets stronger and stronger as the days go on. It especially gets stronger as I pray and learn more about God. I believe they're connected.

It's building and there's something coming. I can feel it, like an overwhelming moment that you're not prepared for but instead become so happy it's here that you scream. It's building and I can feel it right now. Is it God preparing in my something, maybe something to stretch and pull me. It's hard to think about anything else. All I want to do it quit my job and pursue this overwhelming urge. My passion is students. Is this feeling that's building connected to students as well?

If this is true then this building feeling, God, and students are connected. It's been building for a while. I've tried to ignore it, but at times it's so overwhelming that it wakes me up at night and even keeps me from doing things I really want to do at times. It's coming! I have no idea what it is, but I have no doubt that it'll change my life forever and change those around me as well. Will I be prepared? Will be able to handle it? I have no answers. If these three things are connected then it's going to be awesome. We've done a piss poor job of sharing God's life changing message with students in the past decade or so anyways. After all right now we're at 11% of youth are Christians....that sucks! It's building...I can feel it right now! I wonder if other people feel this or just me.

There's something coming. Will I be unbreakable or will it just completely overwhelm me and turn me into a non functioning vegetable. I don't know.

It's building right now...there's something coming!

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