Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My first Sermon at Northstar

Well I'm not sure some people would consider it my first sermon, but as far as on Sunday morning I would. So this past Sunday I spoke because the pastor was gone on vacation.

To be honest I was scared to death all week. I shared my passion for youth and what we needed to do to save this generation. People who preach will often tell you that when they preach the hardest it's often because they are speaking to themselves. Well I know this is the case and hopefully I'll be rectifying the situation soon. I told the people some thing's gotta change and I know that starts with me.

At youth a youth called me on it and I realized I've gotta change. It's funny when you realize that what you believe in and know that people must change are the exact same things that you must change yourself. It's even worse when someone who heard you talk about it calls you on it. It's a great lesson and I'm gonna learn from it.

As for Sunday...it was wicked awesome. I had a blast talking to the adults and youth of Northstar. It's gonna be fun next time when I have to also.

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