Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Today I was online. I came across Battle Cry's site and remembered all the excitement I had for going in March. I still may go, but I was going to take the youth group. I was watching some videos about how in only a few years there will only be 4% of people who call themselves Christians when the next generation gets here. That's staggering. It reminded me of a commercial that I saw once about drugs. In this commercial there was a girl in a pond and she couldn't swim. Her friend stood quietly on the dock, merely feet from her friend, watching her drown. The commercial ends with, the statement, "you would do something wouldn't you?"

I write this because it seems to me that many Christians would have to answer that question with a loud "NO." The odds of reaching a person for Christ after they turn 20 is 10 to 1. That scares the crap out of me. This is one of the reasons why I'm a Student Pastor. I want to reach the students with Christ no matter what it takes. Why doesn't every Christian have this point of view? It's a command of God isn't it? How did we go from a society where Christian morals are taught and most everyone was a Christian, to a place where only 4% do?

We as Christians have DROPPED THE BALL. Do you get it? 4% scares the crap out of me. Does it scare you? Battle Cry is a event where students, parents, and all Christians are called to stand up for our generation. They're called to defy what culture has said to us; that we can't be Christians. If you don't believe me just to go YouTube. Type in any Christian video and look at all the hate comments they've received. Go out to the mall and ask someone if you can pray for them or tell them about Christ and see if they don't curse you and spit at you.

How did we come to the point where 4% will be responsible for the spiritual direction of a generation? All I know is that we're called to stand up. Let's do it! God Rocks! Jtw

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