Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Prayer over Interview

Tonight I have a sort of interview with a man named Tim Jernigan. He's the pastor at a church called Northstar Fellowship (www.northstarfellowship.com). It seems like a very cool church that's reaching people. I'm very excited about what this could be. God's awesome and a lot of us have been praying for something like this for some time.

Pray over tonight. Pray that I don't let my excitement blur what God is telling me. Pray that God will give me a very clear answer. Tim seems like a great guy and seems like God is definitely with him. I want what God wants.

I appreciate your prayers, and Thank you God for the chance to be your Servant. Pray with me as I pray please...

Lord, Thank You for this opportunity. Thank you for all you've given me and for helping me to be patient as you send me what you have for me. Lord, tonight might be it, and might not. Either way God praise You. God tonight if this is the place you want me to serve you in, then God let me know. I want to serve you in your place. God, bless this ministry either way, Tim wants to reach people for you. Help him! Thank you again and Praise you Lord. In Jesus name..AMEN. JTW

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