Friday, January 11, 2008

Do u watch?

Today was reading in Matthew 27. I was reading all about what Jesus went through for me. It occurred to me something that I've never thought of before. God is an all seeing God. He knows everything, he sees everything, and without a shadow of a doubt knows what's best. In thinking that Jesus in Matthew 26 and 27 is murdered, what occurred to me is this...God watched this. I know what you're thinking, heartless right. I mean really, I don't think I could sit there while my child is beaten, stripped naked, humiliated, ripped open with sharp objects, nailed to wood, cursed at, and eventually killed. So, in continuing with that thought, why didn't God do something? Honestly I couldn't have stopped myself from doing something.

The priest even comes to Jesus right before death and says if he's really God he should come down and prove it. At that moment you can imagine thousands and thousands of angels swarming the spot and right before they strike Jesus says stop. They all stop and the priest knows nothing of the power and mercy he just escaped from.

To get back to God watching, God watched as his son was murdered by the people he was sent to save. This was the point though. People forget that God's watching, and he never stopped for a minute. He watched because he loved us. He allowed this to happen because he loved us. I can't imagine loving someone so much that you'd let your son die to save them. Well that's us.

I get asked a lot and it's a subject that people love to debate. Why do things happen like people burning up in fires or drowning in tsunamis. This happens because God loves us to much that he gave us free will. With that free will we've sinned and messed up royally. God watches all this and waits. If he stops it the gift of free will is gone. So, just like with his son, he watches and awaits the day when his love can be complete. That day will come and it's coming soon.
God Rocks, Jtw

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