Monday, August 07, 2006

yo visited a few churches

Well for those of you that actually read this and want to help, I visited 2 of the 4 churches and found one other for your viewing. I don't want to tell you which is which because I want you to keep praying for all of them. The first one I visited shannon was going there with very low expectations. She didn't like it from the site. It was a large church, and frankly it was awesome. It was very inviting, I even got a hug from a perfect stranger. They were geared toward helping others and huge on prayer. This one has a lot of pros and cons, so keep prayer for this one going. The one I went to last Sunday wasn't as good. It had a few things that were better than the first church, but there was a problem. We only had one person talk to us and we are the one's that started talking to them. A huge problem was the service. It had a lot of older people in it trying to be something they're not. They were trying very hard to be relevant to the culture and they weren't and shouldn't have been. It's easy to pick out a fake a mile away. So now what? I'm keeping this church open because we could help if they'd let us and I'm not going to say no to God if he choses that place. Keep praying for both of these churches, regardless of what I may think of them.
Ok here's the new one that I wrote to the other day, but not heard back yet. This one is a church started by a youth pastor, which is cool and scary at the same time. Let me know whatcha think.
Let me know whatcha think. Well Thanks for all the prayer and I look forward to hearing from you on whatcha think and what I can do about this. God Rocks, Jw

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Dave said...

The doctrinal statement is solid, and I like the vision. Seems like a good church. In prayer for ya, bro.