Monday, July 24, 2006

Youth Pastor Search pt 2

Ok here's the update on what's going on with the search for a church. I've completed my resume and cover letter. I've sent them out to 6 churches. I have 4 left because one church already filled the position and 1 didn't meet the criteria after talking with them. Ok here's what I need from all those weird people who read what I write and will be willing to help.

First off, pray! Pray that God will send me to the right one and all the others will not be anything like the vision that God has given me.

Secondly, I'm going to give you the websites for the remaining 4 that I'm currently looking at. All of these have have been sent my resume and have responded that they will let me know something soon. OK here's the sites

1) Grace Bible Church
2) Pinecrest Baptist Church
3) Gayton Baptist Church
4) Westover Church

Let me know what you think, regardless of how important you think it is. I appreciate your help on this, and I know that God will use all your comments to help me decide on which ones to cut and which to keep. Thanks peeps. God Rocks, Jw

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Dave said...

I guess my only thought on this would be to flee the denominational lines. Maybe I've just been burned too badly, but all I see denominations doing is teaching Believers to hate each other.

I'll be praying for your search.