Monday, August 21, 2006

Yo service vs worship

Yo everybody my new few blogs will definitely be weird so don't freak out on me. I've been reading a book recently that talks about youth workers and how they fall into a trap of spending so much time in service to God that they don't worship God and their personal relationship with God is hurt through it. I recognized that the warning signs listed are totally me and I've become fairly stupid because of it. If you don't know what I mean then that's ok, I'm saying that I've spent so much time trying to be God to people that I can no longer just turn around and talk to God because I've moved to far away. Man I feel stupid, I mean who can't feel themselves moving away from God right? Well a lot of people think that service equals holiness, well it's not and I'm a good example of this. I do a lot of help students, and they don't even know it sometimes. So I've decided to follow the books advice and return to God. I'm going to have to rely on God more, and purposefully return to God. If I start saying NO more to people it's because I'm spending that time in worship to God and getting myself back on track with God. Please don't be mad at me if I refuse to do something, but it's only because I can't honestly teach you something that I don't feel. This is why I've decided that my personal relationship with Jesus will now come before others. This is the way it should be but I've forgotten that. I've become a stranger to God and now I MUST return to a brother and a disciple...I hope you understand...My God bless you all and I'll be here for everyone. I've not abandoned anyone, just cut back on the yes in order to say yes to Jesus instead...Thanks Kbye God Rocks, Jtw

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Dave said...

I've been where you are, my friend! The fact that I got so busy that I literally didn't have time to pray most days led me to resign from my last church. That was partially the church's fault, but ultimately I should never have let it get there. You can't minister to others if you're not close to Him yourslef.

I commend you on your insight.