Saturday, May 27, 2006

Since I last wrote...a lot has happened

Well since I last wrote I've experienced worship...that one is obvious. I've finished school with not straight A's this time. That's God's little plan to teach me that I don't have to do everything perfect like I want, but just doing my best is good enough. Funny thing is that my boss told me the other day that my best wasn't good enough for him...funny huh. That's right I got chewed out again. This time it was for asking off for vacation 3 month in advance and giving him notices so he doesn't forget. The answer I got was that he doens't look at it until he's going to do the schedule...sounds like a stupid thing to me, but that's just me. I also started my internship, which is going good. I do lots of busy work, but hey that's the unglamorous part of the youth ministry world. I'm also co-leading a mission trip to Mississippi in a few weeks as part of my internship. That's going to be awesome. And finally today I'm leaving for a week in Tenn for Vacation...YEAH YEAH YEAH. I can't wait, It's been a very long year and I deserve a vacation. Well that's what's going on and there's other stuff that's coming up soon....God Rocks, Jw

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