Friday, May 05, 2006

All worship isn't created equal

Well I just finished up my semester and after all my research into worship it all comes down to all worship isn't created equal. I refer back to cain and able. They both brought their sacrifice and both worshipped, but both didn't please the Lord did they? I went to many different services, and practiced worship on many different types of worship. I uped my prayer life, my service, my Bible reading and how much I worshipped through music a lot. So what did I learn? I've already expressed what i've learned, that worship isn't created equal. I've come to realize that worship is simple. Worship is just whatever we do to give God the glory he deserves. If this means praying, then pray, if it means reading your Bible more, then read more, if it means that you go to a service and just go crazy for God, then you need to do that. I ended my semester of worship per say with a worship service at church. I've been to churches before with what some people call crazy worship. This just means you act like you actually feel inside. If you feel like you're about to jump out of your skin then why sit there and be quiet. That's stupid and totally not what God wants. What makes people think that if God has blessed them that they should not tell people? What makes people think if God makes them feel like they wanna SCREAM His name that they shouldn't? The conplaincy among Christians today is sicking in my opinion. If you agree then let me know; if you don't, then let me know. What on God's earth makes people get to the place where they hide what God gives them and tells them. I get so pissed off sometimes at people that I talk to sometimes. They talk of God like He's sitting beside them making them want to conquer the world for Him. Then we go to church and they sit there and hardly even sing when the band plays. If God had a stomach, it would definately be turned by this type of worship. To get back to my story and off my soap box, I went to a service. Of course there were some of those at that service that I was talking about that pissed me off. Then there were those that suprised me. These were people who seemed to be quiet people, but when we started singing, they acted like they were worshipping God. When we sang, people screamed the songs to God, they jumped, they danced, and the feeling that was created let me know that God was totally there. I could feel the presence of God like a thick smoke cloud in the room. It was different and I've only felt this a few times in my life. This was a service of worship and everyone knew it, and more importantly everyone acted like it was a service FOR worship. So I've learned that worship is different to different people, but God sees it different. God sees it as if your not going to give it all then why bother. Cain brought his gift to God, but Able brought more than a gift, he brought a life of worship too. This is the point. Worship is a lifestyle and is expressed when you give it your all for God. If you're reading this and think I'm out of line, that's fine. When you get to judgment and God says, why didn't you give it your all, why were you afraid to be made fun of, and I pray that God lets you remember what i've said here. I'll end my ranting with one simple sentence. If you're going to Hide God, be silent instead of really worshipping, and simply being a person who has God, but doesn't act like it I want you to stay away from me. If you're going to be a normal Christian, just one that's got fire insurance., then stay away. I've always been told that the people around you impact your life and help you decide right and wrong. This is why you can't be around me. I want to live a life of worship and live a life like God matters in my life. If you're not going to live like that, then why did you even ask for God to save you in the first place?

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