Saturday, May 27, 2006

The ignorance of Pastors

That's right I said the ignorance of pastors. A couple of months ago a friend of mine got fired from her job. She was working as a youth minister at a church in Gretna, VA. The pastor there got her fired because it was said that she took the youth to acquire the fire to learn to speak in tongues. Ok that is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. My guess is that she had the respect of the youth and the parents and he didn't. When he lost control, he couldn't have that. This reminds me of the church in rustburg. No matter how much yelling the pastor did at me, I didn't want to give up on the youth there who were so awesome. When it came to me doing what God says in his WORD and what he said, then he couldn't have it. When he told me that I'd do it his way in his church or I can leave, well that was the time when I told him it was God's church, not his, and I couldn't disobey God to do his work. He didn't like that. Just like the church my friend was at, it was a control issue, God's or someone else's. It's pastors like this that make Christians leave the church and the next generation not even want anything to do with God. I don't hate anyone, but I dislike with a passion those people who try to put themselves above the God they serve. When did the office of pastor become a place where people went to before God. That's a catholic thing, not a Christian thing. Any pastors who read this and act this way should be ashamed and do everything in their power to go from the egotistical people they are back to God's servant. As for these 2 pastors that I've mentioned here, may God have mercy on them, may God change their hearts, and may God put people in their path that will tell them the truth about the way they are behaving. God Rocks, Jw

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Dave said...

I was in a similar situation once. I was a youth director at a church in WV, and it was a very small, Independent Baptist church. The pastor was always a little at odds with the way I did things, but it was mostly things that I didn't mind bending in: music choice, stuff like that. But one day, he was hinting that he really wanted me to come down on one of the kids because his lip was pierced, and I just calmly said that, out of respect for him I wouldn't encourage it, but that I didn't see anything wrong with it. He raised his voice and said, "I'm conservative and so is my church."

I left soon after. It was time to go.

Peace out, bro.