Sunday, January 23, 2011

Would you do it?

I have a quick question that will take you a long time to answer. The question is...would you do something if you were sure that God was telling you to do it? It seems like a no-brainer for sure, but it deeply disturbs me. Here's why, I think about what that would mean. I've made leaps and jumps for God in my life without knowing if He would be there, but he always has been.

Recently I was faced with something that I know God was asking of me. I was posed with this question and it become a very hard one. Would you do something if you knew God was telling you to do it. Most Christians I think would say yes without question; at least until they find out more information. What if it meant you would give up your life. Some people would be lost right there, but others are willing to give up life for God's service. What if it were more day to day than this though. What if you had to give up your job? What if you had to give up your family? What if you had to give up your spouse? What if you had to give up your home? What if you had to give up your reputation? What if you had to say yes when even those that walk daily with Christ told you they wouldn't do it? When it comes to the day to day this fundamental question gets very hard.

I've been a Christ follower since 1993 and would never go back. I'm also a student pastor and love sharing God's word and God's truth with this generation. Recently when I was posed this question I had to make a choice. I decided to sit back and wait. I let the situation that I knew God was saying for me to jump on, just walk away. I don't know if I was just wanting the easy way or if I wasn't ready to stand against the things I may have to give up for that thing.

Here's what I decided and what i'm doing. If anyone ever reads this and finds themselves in this situation, then I hope this helps. Every day since the day I let it happen I've been sad and angry at myself. I understand if you're reading this, you know what I mean. I've decided to keep my eye on what God has asked me to do from a distance. I have multiplied my prayers in this situation and have added this situation to every prayer i have right now. I've not decided to pray that God put me in the situation, but instead for God to change either me or those around me to make it happen. Have I given up? NO! There might be a day really soon where God decides to make this happen and give me a chance to redeem myself. If not I'll be happy knowing that God changed my heart to let me know what I should do now.

Keep me in your prayers for this situation is very hard on me!

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