Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today I was watching some T.V. and that KFC commercial came on about unthinking their fried chicken. Something hit me like a ton of bricks. Today's culture is all about "unthinking" things and challenging all we know and how we do it. Think about it this way, we've rethought about fuel and come up with cars that run on corn or electricity. We've rethought how information gets passed and we came up with the Internet. We've taken what we've always known and decided it can be better and we asked "why" do we do this this way.

This is what hit me so hard. If we're in a culture where we're asking "why" we do things they way we do and we change things that don't work, then why is the church the same. God's church is God's hope for all of us and it should be the leading component of change and be the decider, not playing catch up.

We know that God's gospel changes lives and God's people (the church) are the people to spread that Gospel. When does change happen with us? When do we start thinking "let's unthink how we do church and how God's people relate?"

This generation of teens have the highest probability of not accepting Christ. They way we've always done things isn't working on this generation as well as it has before. It's time we UNTHINK how we do things. God never changes, but the methods he chooses for us must change.

We've got to start thinking outside of the box if we're going to express the only chance for people to not die and go to Hell. Do I know what that change! Each day I pray that God will show me His methods and His vision for the future of His people.

It's time we pray and Unthink what we've always done. We have a present generation and many future generations at stake if we don't. I for one don't want to take the chance that I didn't do all I could to reach them.

God Rocks,

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