Thursday, April 23, 2009

On the Roll again...the update!!

Ok so it's been a while, but a lot has happened since my last update. Also, I spent a lot of my blogging time on Northstar's blog.

Since i last blogged...My church I was serving at merged with another one, my daughter was born, I've moved, the new merged church dissolved my ministry, and I work at a juvenile justice center.

OK, well that's a whole lot in the past few months huh!!

I'm on the roll again because of that dissolving of the ministry thing. You see I'm called to student ministry. When I say called I don't mean I just like doing it. I mean I'll do whatever it takes to go where God wants to send me and share the Gospel with students.

I'm looking for a place to serve. I love God and love people. I spend my life pushing toward my 2 main areas: Worship and Service. These 2 things are what I'm all about and what i put into any ministry I'm apart of.

For now I serve at a church plan (the merged church) and play bass guitar there. I work (TO MUCH) at the kids jail and try to have to much fun with my beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter.

So that's the update...have fun with it and if you have any leads I can pray about let me know.

God Rocks,

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