Wednesday, October 03, 2007

When did God become an Excuse?

So, When did God become an excuse for doing what you want? Anyone who's worked in ministry or pays attention to news about people and religion know what I mean by this statement. It seems a lot in the past few years that people in religious leadership like to use God as an excuse to do whatever they want. They say things like "We're going to do this b/c we prayed about it," or something like " This s what God wants." These statements have been used to rationalize some of the most horrible things in history. I saw a news article recently talking about a so called "pastor" who thought it was ok for a father to marry his adolescent daughter because it was part of their religion. Holy Crap, what's up with that? How can God be used to say this is ok? Because God's become the excuse. Recently I was fired from a Job where I was excelling at that job. I was fired b/c they "prayed" about it first.

How can we stop this flagrant misuse of a Holy God? It's called accountability. This kind of thing occurs in places where we give one person way to much authority. When did God ever put a single person up on a pedestal? He didn't! The only person He ever gave major authority was Himself in human form, known as Jesus Christ. If the leadership was accountable to people who walk with God daily, then less little problems like this will arise. Where people stop, think, and talk, ideas outside that of God's word start to become evident.

PLEASE for the love of God, stop using God as an excuse. Why do we feel the need to say that God has said something that you know He didn't? I think it's because no one can argue. The people that say these things know that God isn't going to just come down and confront you in public over the stupid thing you just said that He said. It's only an amount of time before you'll have to answer for what you've said. In this life or the next you'll answer for it.

Start actually praying, looking for God's leading, and do that. Regardless of what God's leading is, do that! You've got to be ready to do thing you don't want to if you're going to do God's will. It's not always the easy thing, but it's always the right thing. The right thing also isn't always what we want. Remember that the next time you're going to want to do something just because it's convenient or want to get rid of someone because you're jealous. Remember that it may not be what God wants just because you want it.

What God wants is perfect. Why do we think that just because we want it that God will in turn want it as well? How selfish our sin must be.

Now we must wait for change...God Rocks!! Jtw


Carrie Lynn Fazzolari said...

Thank you for posting this. It came an an incredibly perfect time. Keep writing! I am going to link this in with my blog post, if you don't mind. I have someone that really needs to read it.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. What if the person you love (boyfriend/ girlfriend - unmarried) wants you to do something... like for example have sex. But you know that one has to be pure before marriage and keep their virginity. And you show a verse from the bible saying so but they say that you use God as an excuse. That you always use God as an excuse because your scared or whatever. How do you respond to that? Saying we use God as excuse sounds bad. In a way God is an excuse in the eyes of the world. He is our justification for why we do things they way we do them. See, but the catch is He is the CORRECT justification. I guess it all depends on how you see it and what you do. For example, muderer is not something God would not ask because the bible says thou shall not kill. So you can obviously know that whoever uses God as an excuse to murder is definiately not right. But how would one defend themselves and say God is not my exuse? Would you say He is my law and guide... or what would you respond?

Josh said...


Ok, here's my take. I trust that you want me to be honest and I've learned that it's always better to do so. Most of the time honesty is someone people won't like; so here goes. Love is hard and love takes time. If you love someone and they ask you to do something you don't want to do and they say you're using God as an excuse, break up immediately. Told you you wouldn't like this. Here's why I say this, you're obviously dating someone of a either different spiritual level or you're dating a non-believer. I've done both. Neither turned out well because when you're a Christian you approach things with the understanding that God's will supersedes our own. If you havn't come to that realizing you will as you walk longer with Christ and learn to see His will in your life. Ok, as for the defense. There is no defense that won't lead to fighting. Jesus knew this when he told us to turn the other cheek. He knew that just saying OK would bug the crap out of those that don't know Christ. So my advice is that you break up as soon as possible and find a girl that loves God before she loves you. I've been down the road this girl is pushing you and it's full of problems. I hope that helps and feel free to contact me anytime you need help. Stay strong.

One God, One Love, One Way,