Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is a Church?

I've recently been plagued with the thought "what is a church?" I know from the Bible that God's people are in fact the church. This is awesome and I wish more people knew that. As I sit here reading through the book of Acts I see how the early church and it's people did things. I see how they showed people love, this is how people knew they were believers. I see how they worshipped God without regard for what people thought of them, an element lost in most churches I've been to. I also see people who are servants, who see each of the spiritual gifts as equal and each person having their own part in the church community. This leaves me disillusioned. The churches that I've been in recently have a whole different philosophy. It seems as if they only care for those that care for them, they never truly worship because of their neighbor, and the pastor is put up so high on a pedestal that his word is god to those around him. How did we take the wonderful, loving, caring thing that God created called church and make it into this inwardly focused deity. I pray that God sends me a church where they people work as a team to worship God regardless of where they are, a place where the pastor is just a servant using his gifts to God's glory, and a place that is so outwardly and upwardly focused that everyone will know them by their love. That's what God called us to! How have we come so far? What is a church? I pray each day to learn what that is. Jtw

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