Sunday, May 27, 2007

Big God....forgot that!

Do you ever forget how big God really is? I know I do! Here's the issue I have and have others recently talk to me about for themselves. We ask God for something, then we don't get what seems to be an answer. Wierd huh, it seems like if we don't get the answer we want then God's not answering us. The real problem is that no matter what the answer or when the answer comes, that doesn't change who God is. We forget that and we forget exactly how big our God really is. How is it that a God big enough to create the universe, love us enough to send His Son to die for us, and wants to personally know each and every person isn't big enough to care about our problems. Crazy huh? We forget that no matter the size of our problems, God is always bigger. Why then do we worry about things? We especially worry about things that we have no control over and that we can't hope to change. Seems to me that if we truly believed that God is so powerful that we'd just trust Him and not worry. It's much easier said than done. How do we trust God without fear? I guess it comes down to our willingness to grow close to Jesus. It's hard not to trust in God when you're so close to Him that He's all you see. How do we do this then? Well all the spiritual disciplines are a good place to start, but it comes down to our faith and willingness to be a Christ follower. That's the greatest of journeys and worth the most reward. Thank you God for being so Big and Lord give us the chance to be your servant today. Thank you God. AMEN---Jtw

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