Friday, March 09, 2007

Good Birthday? We'll see later

Hey everyone. For those that don't know, my birthday was yesterday. I spent the entire day and night very sick. I even had a higher fever than I should have allowed. Today I've called into work b/c I still have a high fever, but I'm getting better. So continue to pray for that. Tonight we're going back to NC for the weekend and I have some good medicine there.

What this e-mail is really about it that I need your prayers big time for Sunday. Sunday I have an interview at an awesome church as their youth pastor. I've been praying about this since the day I got the phone call. I've looked at the pros and cons, but still waiting on the Go from God.

So here's what I need...pray that God will either give me the Go or do like the last interview and make the NO obvious to me. I appreciate your help and thanks for the prayers. God Rocks, JtW

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