Sunday, September 10, 2006

And then there were 3

That's right everyone, there's 3 left from our list of churches that we're looking at right now. You can cut out Grace Bible Church. We went there, and it was a long way for a very short day trip, but we went. That church is out, we felt it wasn't the place for us. Not sure how to explain what God was telling us, but it was definately not the place God wanted for us. A couple of days ago I got a letter from them the other day, and it confirmed what we'd known since the day we went and visited. I still left it open and didn't contact them b/c I wanted to wait for God's answer and not my own. Next, a good friend that I get advice from time to time from advised me to get away from the denomational lines. I'm definately considering it in light of the last church... If you wan know what I mean let me know. The only problem is that I owe a lot of my church experience to my old Baptist church that I grew up in. So what do I do? I've decided that I'm going to keep them open, but keep looking for non-denominational churches. Ok as for the second church you can cut out, that's Gayton Baptist Church. Funny thing is that it's a church that we weren't sure about from the beginning. The site was very vague and really didn't say much about the church. We didn't visit the church, but felt weird about it. Well they didn't feel I was the best fit, so that one's out.
OK so... What does that leave? That leaves 3 other churches that we're looking at and I'm going to give you them in order of what I feel is the best feeling towards them.

1) Westover Church (NC) -- I've visited this church and it was freakin awesome. They were very people oriented and even the people in my family got a hug from a complete stranger. They have a large youth group and are focused on missions. What are the drawbacks? I'm not sure there is any except with this large of a church, it's going to be hard to learn all the students and try not to let anyone fall through the cracks. The answer is that I have leaders to be me to everyone...So now it's up to you.

2) NewSpring Community Church (SC) -- I haven't visited this church because it's in SC and hard to travel there with school, work, and a life. The main perks to this job is the leadership. The Senior pastor is a old youth pastor. He knows all the problems and will work with the issues that most people don't understand. They've also got an awesome youth room if you wanna go to the site and look at the pics. They truly love their students. The drawbacks are first the senior pastor. I know I said it's a perk, but let me explain. The pastor would be able to see the issues and be sincere to them, but he'll also have greater expectations. He's been there and done exactly what I wanna come in and do. It's like trying to teach Michael Jordan's basketball team to play basketball with him on the sitting there watching you. It would definately be nerve racking for me. What do you think?

3) Pinecrest Baptist Church (VA) -- I again haven't been to this church. This church caught my eye, but again had a weird site. I know you're gonna point out the denomination, but I'm going to be open. If you haven't visited their site lately, it's much better now. I can't say a lot about this church other than it seemed good. Because of the lack of good, I can't really point out the drawbacks other than the location. This isn't a problem b/c I'm just gonna go where ever God sends me.

So what have we learned? God's taken out some, he's left others, and I'm sure as I keep looking and praying for God's will that he'll send me more. Keep praying, go look at these sites again, and let me know about what you think. Thanks for your help and prayers. God Rocks, Jtw

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